Come and enjoy your breakfast at the beach

As our name suggests, we do something with bread. All our bread is bought from a special baker: that is no surprise with a baker as a chef. But we are more than that. We have the most delicious juices and homemade smoothies. How about a blueberry smoothie? Wonderful to start your day with.

Do you know what else you can start your day  with? Our coffee! We have chosen for the Scuro espresso bean. The distinctive Italian branding ensures that the emphasis is on the spicy cocoa flavor: a fine base for regular coffee and espresso.

This variant of beans is completely organic and fair trade. He is therefore purchased on the Max Havelaar standards. There is no chemical used during the organic cultivation and you can taste that! Do come and try it yourself.

Enjoy your breakfast with us. Breakfast is possible from  9:00 until 11:00. 

Order for example a breakfast board (for only €10!) and give your day a great fresh start.